Watersmeet Ginko – 26th June 2020

A winter walk in Hobart is always unpredictable because of the uncertainty of the weather. In the week leading up to our scheduled ginko we experienced days of heavy rain but we had the good fortune of a clear day and the use of an air b&b at Fern Tree, Mount Wellington for our get-together. The easing of restrictions meant that we could gather as a small group so we decided to make a day of it, sharing lunch, haiku, ginko and companionship.

Irene McGuire, Jane Williams, Ross Coward, Ron Moss and Lyn Reeves made the trip to Kunanyi House, a wonderful bush retreat with views over Hobart. Leanne Jaeger, Lorraine Haig and Terry Whitebeach sent apologies, though Lorraine took a ginko on her own where she was holidaying at Freycinet, empty of the usual tourist hordes due to our island’s closed borders.

After a morning of discussion around the log fire, reading our latest poems to each other, enjoying morning tea with Lyn’s orange and almond cake and lunch accompanied by Jane’s legendary home-baked sourdough bread, we set out on our solitary explorations of the garden and the surrounding rainforest and scrub.

Ron taking a photo of the reflection pool (by Jane Williams)

On our return to the house (and after Ron had gone to the rescue of Lyn who had wandered too far and lost the way back) we decided to write a couple of sequences based on our experience of the day. Here is one of them:

Rainforest Garden

heavy rain
the chortle of mountain streams
flowing again                                                                         LR


winter elements
all the senses
lighten up                                                                     xxxxJW


shallow pool
tadpoles wiggle
through clouds  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRM


rainforest garden
so many greens
caught in the sun                                                                  IM


tall trees
reach skywards
leaf litter underfoot                                                              RC 


haiku sequence at Kunanyi House 26 June 2020 with Ross Coward, Irene McGuire, Ron Moss, Jane Williams and Lyn Reeves










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