8 May 2010

Bindii Ginko – Adelaide Botanic Gardens 8 May 2010

After meeting at the Central Café near the lake in the Botanic Gardens at 11 am, we split up to walk individually and take notes and photos and write haiku. At 12 noon we again met at the café for a conversation over a leisurely lunch.

The gardens, in their autumn foliage, were stunning as always, and the rose garden in full bloom provided a wonderful display of both colour and scent.

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10 April 2010

The Bindii group met at the Box Factory in Regent St Adelaide on Saturday 10 April, with nine members and one visitor present.

Alex Ask gave us a workshop on how to write haiga. Alex won the second prize in the Salisbury Council haiga competition in 2009. Thank you Alex for a very professionally presented workshop with lots of examples of haiga and also written material explaining the origin of the form and how to approach writing and designing a good haiga. Alex plans a PowerPoint presentation of some of his work at the June meeting of Bindii. The meeting concluded with lunch. Members were invited to participate in the barbeque held by the Community Centre

Bindii April Ginko in Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Nine Bindii members met at the kiosk near the lake in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens at 11 am on 2 April for a ginko led by Margaret Fensom. On such a beautiful autumn day there was plenty to experience and participants immersed themselves in this beautiful place for an hour of walking or quiet contemplation before returning for the kiosk for lunch.

We were fortunate to secure a table right near the lake edge and had duck and crested pigeon visitors to entertain us.

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6 February 2010

Bindii (SA) Haiku Group Meeting

We met at the Box Factory, Regent St South in Adelaide from 10.30 to 1 pm.Present: Belinda Broughton, Marilyn Linn, Jill Gower, Lesley Charlesworth, Pam Brow, Dawn Colsey, Alex Ask, Lyn Arden.

Apologies: Margaret Fensom, Athena Zaknic.

A special thank you to Belinda Broughton from all members, and from Lyn in particular, for all her help in establishing our fledgling group. Belinda has indicated that for health reasons she will not be attending the group in future, as she needs to cut back on her activities.

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5 December, 2009

Report to HaikuOz of the Bindii Haiku Group meeting 5 December 2009-11-07

Present: Lyn Arden, Maeve Archibald, Margaret Fensom, Marilyn Linn, Dawn
Colsey, Alex Ask, Athena Zaknic.
Apologies: Belinda Broughton

We met from 10 am to 1pm in SA Writers Centre.

The members present had previously decided to attempt writing a renku during
the meeting and opted to try a 12 verse renku as our first attempt at the
form. None of us had tried writing a renku before this, so we followed a
pattern of a 12 verse renku downloaded from the Internet.

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3 November, 2009

The meeting was held at the Box Factory in Regent St South, Adelaide.

Present: Lynette Arden, Maeve Archibald, Belinda Broughton, Margaret Fensom,
Marilyn Linn, Elsa and Alain Rozanes, Alex Ask, Athena Zaknic.

We held a kukai. Each member brought 3 haiku or found 3 haiku in books. We
circulated the haiku anonymously and each member read out favourites. There
were many haiku to appreciate and the experience was most enjoyable. We plan
to use this format again, along with other activities. Following the kukai
we had lunch while workshopping haiku and tanka brought by various members.

Lynette Arden

5 October 2009

Meeting of SA Haiku Group

The SA Haiku Group met at the SA Writers Centre on Saturday 5 October 2009. One of our first decisions was to adopt a Haiku Name for the group. This had been the subject of extended debate over several months. The name Bindii has been chosen. We have also decided to refer to ourselves principally as Bindii, but add SA Japanese Poetry Forms Group where more explanation is required.

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August 16, 2009

SA Haiku group members, Lyn Arden, Belinda Broughton, Alex Ask and Marilyn Linn met on 1st August at the SA Writers Centre. Some of the members went out for a ginko in the back alleys or the Botanic Gardens.

After a hour we met again and spent the rest of the meeting looking at each other’s work
and making suggestions for improvements. We find this most valuable, as we learn a lot
from one another during the process.

By Belinda Broughton