Haiku Workshop by Julia Wakefield

28 January 2017 Haiku Workshop by Julia Wakefield

The workshop, held at the Box Factory Community Centre in Adelaide, from 1 – 3 pm, was attended by ten people, of whom eight had not attended a Bindii workshop previously.

Julia started off by discussing what made a good haiku and distributed examples and some guidelines for attendees to read. There was some discussion about the examples and what each haiku meant to the various participants.

Julia then moved to a brief overview of the guidelines for writing haiku. There was some discussion as to what certain guidelines meant, for example the 5/7/5 rule, which has been discarded outside Japan, and the options for writing in three lines or other variants. The various formats were examined to see if a haiku written in one style, such as one line, would be just as effective if transferred to three lines. The use of the phrase/fragment composition technique was discussed in some detail, with examples. Continue reading “Haiku Workshop by Julia Wakefield”

Haiku Workshop for Beginners: 28 January 2017

Julia Wakefield Houghton is running an open workshop at the Box Factory in Adelaide, where you can learn the basics of writing haiku, or refine your skills. Bookings are required, as numbers are restricted. There is a small payment and afternoon tea will be provided. Full details in the PDF file

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Langhorne Creek Young People’s Writers’ Competition

2016 was the fourth year of the Langhorne Creek Young People’s Writers’ Competition, in which young writers of prose and poetry competed to win individual prizes, as well as books for their school. Last year Lynette Arden and Lee Bentley developed a haiku guide for the teachers, which was well received and used again this year. Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group sponsored prizes for haiku, across the year groups of Grades 2-3;  4-5;  6-7; and 8-10. In 2016 a special commendation was also issued by judge Lee Bentley for the most outstanding haiku overall. Continue reading “Langhorne Creek Young People’s Writers’ Competition”

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting 1 October 2016

The Bindii group met at 12.30, at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide.

Belinda Broughton gave a comprehensive workshop on haiga. She started with a PowerPoint presentation that included examples of the different styles of haiga, from the traditional Japanese forms and simple brush drawings to modern photo haiga and many other examples, such as collage. Belinda also showed some of her own haiga in different styles, including some on rice paper, and sketch book notes, and others that had been derived from her photos, or sketched electronically in various computer programs. Continue reading “Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting 1 October 2016”

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting 6 August 2016

Our meeting started at 12.30 pm, in our usual venue of the Box Factory. Lee Bentley led the group for a session on renku, starting with an outline of the history of renku and then talking about some of the principles of renku writing, chiefly link and shift.

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Report on Bindii Meeting 4 June

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group met on Saturday 4th June 2016 from 12 to 2pm at the Box Factory.

Present: Members Sara Abend-Sims, Lyn Arden, Lee Bentley, Dawn Colsey, Margaret Dingle, Julia Wakefield-Houghton.
Welcome: to new prospective member Pauline Smith.

Informal presentations on the subject of haibun were made by Lyn and Julia. We all read out haibun from examples found in various publications by members, and then workshopped some by Sara, Julia, Lyn, and haiku by Pauline, Margaret and Dawn.

The meeting closed at 2pm.
Next meeting: Saturday 6th August at 12 for 12.30.

Report by Dawn Colsey



Bindii at Halifax Cafe 11 February

An Evening of Poetry and Music: Bindii readers at Halifax Café, 11 February 2016

On Thursday, 11 February, I spent an evening at the Halifax Café with a large and enthusiastic audience for the ten Bindii poets who read their work. We were also fortunate to have musicians Munetaka Umehara and Alexander Ask performing A Midsummer Walk, their original work for Japanese flute and didgeridoo.

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