Mari Warabiny Haiku Group 2014 Spring Ginko

On a sunny afternoon 8 haiku enthusiasts from the Mari Warabiny Haiku Group met at the Art Gallery of WA, in the vibrant Perth Cultural Centre, for a Spring ginko. The Art Gallery of WA provided the Manhattan Meeting Room where our Ginko leader (Shuzai) the esteemed haiku Poet, Maureen Sexton welcomed us. Maureen provided a handout and verbal instructions on how to conduct a Spring Ginko.

A Ginko is a haiku walk, where Haiku Poets write observations and haiku in their notebooks. Notes can later be sifted or converted to haiku. Our facilitator, Maureen Sexton is also the Haiku Oz (Haiku Society of Australia) – WA Regional Representative. In attendance, were Rose van Son, Meryl Manoy, Mardi May, Samar Ghose, Barry Sanbrook, Anne Dyson and myself, Tash Adams.

We scattered like ants – my subsequent busy notes best resembling black scratchings.

After the observing/writing period we met in the Art Gallery Cafe for refreshments and read our notes and haiku. If we wished, we could seek feedback on our new haiku.

The Spring Ginko was a free event. Members purchased their own drink and afternoon tea in the Gallery Cafe after the walk. Thank you to Maureen Sexton who facilitated the walk and thank you to those who attended. Your feedback was invaluable.

Below are some of the Haiku written on Mari Warabiny’s Spring Ginko.

art gallery (Samar Ghose)
pondering the floor pattern
a lone security guard

three leafed clover (Rose Van Son)
a seagull measures
its steps

black beetles and ants (Meryl Manoy)
meet on the path

the flow of chi (Samar Ghose)
Taoists drift in and out of
the eucalypt’s shade

urban wetlands (Mardi May)
a voice calls
Basho’s frog

Perth haiku walk (Maureen Sexton)
a Japanese tourist
takes my photo

ants in line (Barry Sanbrook)
climb the olive tree
another groove

Perth city wetlands (Anne Dyson)
magpies dive bomb an
art gallery guard

suburban veggie garden (Maureen Sexton)
pigeons peck at a crushed
Jim Beam can

leaf veins (Barry Sanbrook)
crackle in the spring

mixed perennials (Tash Adams)
a teenager lies reading
in the garden bed

State Library (Tash Adams)
a book on origami
paper included

city skyline (Samar Ghose)
the spaceman busker
launches into his act
Mari Warabiny Haiku Group welcomes new members. Hope to meet you at the next Ginko.

Tash Adams

Tash Adams has a scientist’s eye for discovery; she hopes to name a new species. Tash can be seen investigating nature with her children or counting syllables on her fingers (Walking whilst doing so may result in injury). She blogs infrequently at

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